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When Warsaw embraces frenzy summer festivals, COCA goes the other way. Instead of get ready seasonal Fireworks, builds the path through the park. Installation of wooden path began on Monday. Runs through the green patch of the Park Ujazdowski Castle, which houses the Centre of contemporary art to the crossroad with en. At A Crossroads. This will bypass the aisle due to the CSW along heavy traffic Road Route Łazienkowska. Path has not only lead the audience to the Castle, but also be a symbolic "spine" shaping space surrounding it. -We are testing, how can we change the character of the place by creating the appropriate infrastructure. Park around the Ujazdowski Castle, hardly anyone in it stops. We want to change the says the project curator Anna Czaban. Mute Jazdowa is another step towards silencing Jazdowa. Last year the CSW resigned from the Festival programme: concerts, a common cooking or dansingów. The survey provided a more intimate activities carried out under the banner of "Archipelago of bicycle traffic". In the area of COCA were walks, workshops, shared reading. Anna Czaban explains that the idea of this year's Garden of urban bicycle traffic is associated with experiences of creators and participants of the "Archipelago". -That the formula was less "pop" than the earlier Green bicycle traffic, but still focused on the events. Something that is ephemeral, not leaving a trace-explains. -This year we want to bet on a more holistic activity. Does not only focus on aesthetics, but think also about ecology, communing with nature, assumptions of urban planning of the area, shared responsibility for the space. In Warsaw, where in June thickens calendar seasonal events, concerts and urban projects, the approach is unusual. CSW ensures that calmer holiday program is not the result of savings, the aleprzemyślanej strategy. Anna Czaban:-you have to wonder whether Yoga on the grass is part of our mission as a public institution. We are looking for solutions that involve people, but at the same time are associated with what is going on at the Centre for contemporary art. I'm not opposed to organising festivals or setting up urban vegetable gardens. But not everything must be in the form of the Festival. Garden City bicycle traffic opening ceremony of the Garden City bicycle traffic will be held on Thursday, but the project has been going on since January. By this time developed a social concept of the Park. -We have looked at what happened around the Castle from the beginning of its existence, we talked with experts: architects and artists, but also botanists or physicist, which prompted, how we can work more ecologically. Cooperation we have invited students from the Faculty of management Culture Visual ASP. At the end were held open workshops that we organized together with SARP-enumerates Czaban. -The submission of all these stages together by island: Ewa Ramirez. Also works with us Georgian artist Gela Patashuri. Mute Jazdowa does not mean that CSW completely resigns from the summer events. On Thursday at noon. 20 during the inauguration of the garden will be open-air cinema. Before you will be able to see the film opera "Tower" Carolina Binbound rules. -We show it Therefore, that tells about the hardships of participation and defeats the great vision, although doing it in grotesque, surreal way-says Czaban. "Tower" is the first of the music videos that will be displayed in front of the Castle. Repertoire in collaboration with CCA prepared located next door Theatre Institute. Throughout the summer the CCA every Saturday organizes free activities for children up to the age of 5 years and 5-9 years and open air creative. Classes for children in July no longer has vacancies, on the other, you can register at: or by phone: 22 628 12 71-73, ext. 135 (Tue-Sun. h. 12-19). Details:       Source://, 34861,20350964. html? i = 16